Saturday, 29 October 2011

Donations and Comissions

Due to lack of time i have decided to not take ANY commissions until otherwise stated. Sorry but i just don't have the time right now!

I have had a few requests for Commissions so i figured i would lay down some general rules and some info.

Rules: As i do art in my spare time as a hobby i will only accept commissions i find interesting to create. This means i don't accept anything just because i get paid. Regarding what sort of work i do or do not do, if i find it interesting i can do pretty much whatever but i do NOT do child/teen/lolita stuff, no scat/puke, no death etc.

Payment: Regarding pricing, 1 image with 2 characters and a background would be 20$, the more complex the image, or more images, the higher the price. Also the minimum will be 50$. So lets say you want only 1 image with two characters, the price of 50$ would then mean i would put the same amount of time i would had put for 50$ had you wanted 2 images. So if you want a series of say 10 pictures it would be 200$, 3 would be 60$ etc.
More pay also equals better quality as i will spend more time on it. For payment details i will first make a rough draft, giving you a basic idea of what it will look like. If you like it, you pay half, i complete it and send you a watermarked version. Then you pay the rest and then get the originals.

 Contact me at if you are interested or just want to throw some ideas around.